Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You will need
Image of choice or the one I've used.
It's by Keith Garvey
You can purchase image from

Debi's kit or kit of choice.
Kit I've used is
Halloween Frenzy Mega Kit

Mask221 is by Chelle.

Template is by Mirrella

Open the template.
duplicate and close the orginal.
Delete the copyright layer
Change canvas size to 750x700

On the oval layer
select all,float,defloat

Now from the kit,open spooky house mask,
paste as a new layer,invert and delete.
Delete the oval layer.

rounded Rec layer
leave it black or change the color or put a paper there.
Then go to Penta color dot,
and change the Distance to 7

Now on the rectangle layer
select all,float,defloat,expand by 2.
duplicate 2 more times.
On the first duplicate layer
add constellation
small star
random seed 1
on the next 2 layers just change random seed

Word Art layer
select all,float,defloat
and open paper of choice from the kit,
paste as a new layer,invert and delete.
Delete orginal layer.

circle layer,
select all,float,defloat
open paper of choice,copy and paste as a new layer.
invert and delete.

circle layer again,
select all,float,defloat
add upclose from your image,
invert and delete.

You can now delete the orginal circle layer

Line circle move the opacity down to 38
Add your name and I used a paper for my flood fill
font used is Kwekel
Add your copy right,and any other items from the kit
I used the beads and the bats.
Add a drop shadow to each layer.

Add another layer above background layer
flood fill or use a paper and add mask.

Close off the last 2 rectangle layers and copy merged
paste into animation shop
back to psp close off the first rec layer and open the
second one.
Copy merged and paste into animation shop
after current frame.
back to psp close off that layer
and open the 3rd one.
copy merged and paste into
animation shop after the 2nd frame.

Veiw tag,save and your done.

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