Friday, October 30, 2009

Let's Snowboard

Image of choice.
I've used Pinuptoons
you can purchase at

Snow&Ice Kit by Sharon
Kit can be purchased at

Template 10 by Mirella

Not sure who the snow belongs to.
So I didn't supply it.

Open the template duplicate and close the orginal
On the background layer go to canvas size and make it 700x700
Flood fill white.

On each of the shapes layers,
select all,float,defloat
grab paper(S) of paste as new layers,
invert and delete.

I only used 2 papers.

Now add your tube,and elements.
I used the skating shoes,and sled.

Add your name. I used Ice Caps

Take your deform tool and if you used the same image I did
move it so it looks like it's under the snowboard
Cool huh lol......

Add copyrights.

NOw closed off all layers except for
background layer
both rectangle and circle layers.
make sure to close the white frame for the rectangle that's gonna have the snow in it

copy merge over to animation shop.
Duplicate it 20 times.That's how many the snow will have.
Add your snow to the big rectangle.

Now back to psp.close off all the layers that are open
and open the ones that are closed.
back to animation shop.
duplicate it 20 times
add it to the other tag with the snow.
save and your done.

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