Monday, August 5, 2013


Image of choice. 
I've used 
Jennifer Janesko
I purchased from CILM when it was open. 
You can get her work at CDO

Scrap kit is 
Elegance by
Soxsational Scraps 

Richard Rosenman Scanlines
VM Natural-Sparkles

Open Frame 1
Duplicate and close the original. 

Re size 75%
Click inside frame with magic wand. 
Expand by 5. 

Copy and paste paper 8 from kit
Invert and delete,
Then copy and paste your image,

Select none and move frame to top. 

Duplicate your image layer,
on the duplicated layer
Go to Adjust blur, gaussian blur 3
Change the blend mode to multiply or one you like. 
Depending on the image you used, something else may look better. 

Now time to add the elements,

Sparkly Edge
re size and place at bottom of frame.

copy and paste Gold Doodle
place to left of frame, duplicate it and mirror.

flower 1 re size and place to left of frame
duplicate and mirror

do the same for flower(the red one)

copy and paste doodle 1,
place to right of frame and move below all the other layers. 
duplicate it and mirror.

Copy and paste matt
move below all other layers. 
Adjust blur gaussian blur 15.
Add scanlines 
Default- which should be

Adjust add noise 20 uniform, monochrome checked.

Then add sparkles using VM Natural,
settings I used are 
Max size 23
Red blue and green on 255
Rnd/color on off 255
Random seed 142

Add your name and copyrights. 

Save,crop if needed. 

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