Friday, January 23, 2009

100% Sexy

You will need

Scrap kit of choice or the one I used.
Its called Sexy Girl and you can find it here.

You will also need her template
Template 6 last on the page.

Image of choice
I've used
©Keith Garvey
you can purchase his work

Mask of choice or the one I used.
Mask 12 you can get it here

Cancellaresca Es

Open the template and go to windows and duplicate it.
close the orginal.
Delete the copyright layer
add a new layer move it to the bottom flood fill white.

On the main circle layer
go to selections and select all and float
Open a paper of choice from the kit
and paste into selections.
Select none.
Do the for every layer

EXCEPT for the FIRST Center Frame
and the 2nd Double frame.

Look at mine for reference

Now on the 2nd double frame that you left alone
click inside it with the magic wand. Expand by 1
copy and paste your image(placing what part you want in there)
invert and delete
select none.
Move the opacity down to 58
dupliacate it and mirror.
Now copy and paste your image again in the middle

Open the black bow from the kit,
resize 50% 2 times
paste on the bottom the frame.
rotate a little to the left I did 20
do the same for the silver bow.
Place the silver bow on top of the black bow.
merge them 2gether and duplicate and mirror

Click on your bottom layer(the white one)
add a new layer
select all
open paper of choice and paste into selections
apply the mask.
merge group

Add your name and copyrights
Delete the white background and save png

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