Friday, January 23, 2009

Hawaiin Dreams

Image of choice.
I've used ©PinUps
You can purchase image and license at

Hawaiian Memories kit by Debi
You can purchase this kit at

Font AceBinghamSH


Open 600x600 flood fill white.

Preset shapes rectangle line width solid and 15
foreground white and background null

holding down the shift key draw out a big square
go to objects,align and center in canvas
Convert to raster

Drop shadow 2 2 50 5
and again with -2-2 50 5

Now take your magic wand and click inside the white border
open paper of choice from the kit,
copy and paste as a new layer,
invert and delete.
Select none.
Merge paper and frame 2gether.
click inside frame and expand by 6

Open the Hawaiinsurf background from the kit
copy and paste as a new layer
invert and delete move below the frame layer

Now open the palm tree resize 75%
place to your liking
add same dropshadow as before
open the pineapple up resize 50% then again at 75%
drop shadow
Image rotate left 24
duplicate it and mirror and move it so it looks like its in front of the other one.

Open the coconut resize 50% 2 times

Open the ukelele
resize 65%
open lei of choice from the kit
resize 65%
duplicate it
now move the duplicated layer below the ukelele
on the orginal lei layer erase parts to it looks like
its hanging over the ukelele

dropshadow to the duplicated layer.
Add your image now.

Add a flower or surf board to the top corner

now open the turtle
resize 50% move it below your image and the ukelele
add your name and copyright's

Crop your tag,
Delete the white background layer and save .png

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