Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miss Spooky

Image of choice. I've used
the wonderful artwork of ©Popeye Wong

Kit Halloween Frenzy it's by
Debi you can purchase it here.
The animated cat and haunted house mask are in this kit.

Mask 143 is by Vix
you can get that here

Font-Black Castle MF

Open 600x600
flood fill white.

copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer
apply Vix
mask,merge group.

Preset shapes,vector.
circle line width 20
foreground white
background none.

holding down the shift key,draw out a good size circle,
objects and center of canvas

Apply dropshadow of choice.
Click inside the white part and copy and paste same paper or another paper as a new layer,
invert and delete.
merge down with the frame.

Click inside the frame and expand
expand settings will depend on your dropshadow.

Open the mask FROM DEBI'S KIT copy and paste as a new layer
invert and delete move below frame.

Copy and paste your tube

Open the flowers from Debi's kit,
Take the orange one and resize 50%
place to your liking,
take the black on resize 45%
place to your liking
and the white one 40%
Drop shadow all of them.

Open one of the bow's from the kit,
resize and dropshadow

Apply your name.
I used the same paper as I did for the frame for my fill

Apply copyright's
Copy merge

Paste into animation shop,
duplicate tag

Open the cat, edit select all
resize by 50%

go back to your orginal tag in animation shop,
edit select all
and paste into selected frame

On the first frame put properties on 60
On the second one make it be 125

Crop save and your done

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