Friday, August 9, 2013

A Dragon's Play Day

Image of choice
I've used Pin Up Toons
You can purchase at CDO

Scrap kit is A Dragon's Dreamy Day 
By Beverly
She has several stores to choose from

font used is Plaster of Paris

**Re size and drop shadow to your liking

Open 650 x 650
Copy and paste 
blue frame( element 24)
re size. 
I re sized mine at 85%
Click inside frame
expand by 6
copy and paste paper 5
invert and delete. 
Move below frame.
Now click back on frame layer so your on the top layer.

Element 16
re size and move the left of frame. 
Duplicate it and rotate to left a little. 
Merge these 2 together. 

duplicate again and mirror.

Copy and paste element 45
re size to your liking and place to left of frame. 

copy and paste element 28 re size and place on the swing. 

Element 65 re size and place to left of frame at bottom of the swing layer. 

element 68 re size and place to right of frame. 
elements 37 and 38 re size and place to bottom right of frame in front of the tree

Element 12 paste as new layer and move to right then place on the bottom under the paper layer. 
You should  be able to see the heart on the right side. 
Duplicate it and mirror so you have it on the left side. 

back to top layer.
copy and paste element 67 re size and place to left of frame
duplicate and mirror. merge those 2 together.

copy and paste element 48 and place behind the grass layer. 

copy and paste element 47 re size. 
and place just above the paper layer.
back to top layer 

Now add the blue pink and purple butter flies. 
I re sized 50% 2 times. 
Add your name. 
copy rights.
Now drop shadow all your layers
Merge crop and save.

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