Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fading Beauty

You will need:

Scrap of choice or the one I used.
Its called Grey Skies

This is NO LONGER a site. So use any scrap you like.

Image of choice.
I've used ©Keith Garvey
You can purchase his work

Xero-Porcelain(can be skipped not really needed)

Open 650x650 flood fill white.

Open frame 2 resize
I resized 75%
Paste as a new layer
Take your free hand tool and draw a circle around the frame,
add new layer
open paper of choice from the kit and paste into selection

Add weave effect to the paper
1,20,3 color white

Open your image you plan on using.
Copy and paste your image as a new layer
Place to your liking and add dropshadow.

Open the Grey skies name plate blank
add it beind your frame and image,
add your name to it.
Font I used is LainieDaySH

Open Grey skies tag 1
and rotate it to your liking,
make it look like its hanging from the plate.
Erase a small part of the ring.

Drop shadow it as well.

Open 2 flowers from the kit,
resize both by 50% and place at the bottom.
I used the red and black ones.

Now take your free hand tool
and draw inside the tag 1(the grey area)
copy and paste your image again
place what part you want into the selection and invert and delete
move opacity to 80 and apply porcelain effect

Now open Glitter doodle 3 or one of choice
copy and paste as a new layer move it so its above the white background.
Image rotate left 25
duplicate it and mirror.

Now click on your layer you lowered the opacity to 80
COPY it.

Paste it in animation shop
Go to effects,
Insert Image Transition
effect fade

Transition length 4.3
Frames per second 4
total of 17 frames
click on ok

Now there is 18 frames there.

back to psp close off that layer and copy merged.
back to animation shop.
Paste as a new layer.
Duplicate it till you have 18 frames.

Back to the little image,
Go to edit and select all and copy
back to your big image,
edit,select all,paste into selected frame.
and place it to it fits back into the tag.

Edit select all,and change frame properties to 25
click on the FIRST frame and change it 75,
crop your tag and your done.

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