Thursday, May 23, 2013

Midnight Flame

Supplies Needed

Midnight Desire by Mz.Tee
You can get that here. 

Image by Keith Garvey
you can get that here. 

Eye Candy 4000

Xero-Radiance (optional)

Let's begin

Open 600 x 250

Copy and paste paper 7
as a new layer.

Duplicate it 2 times.

Copy and paste image move to the left
Hue and Sat on 0
Duplicate and mirror

Copy and paste 24
re size.
I re sized by 40 then by 50
move to the left,duplicate and move to right side.

Copy and paste element 50 re size to your liking.
place the flowers on the clock to the left,duplicate and mirror.

Copy and paste element 46 re size just a little. I think I re sized by 80

Add glow color white.

Copy and paste element 10 re size
place on the flower to the left,rotate left 20
then duplicate and mirror.

Now copy and paste your image again and place in the middle.
Add radiance of choice.

Add a new layer flood fill white.
Select all,float de float, contract by 6 hit delete on your key board.
select none.
Add glitter.

Add a new layer flood fill black, float de float
contract by 3.
select none.
add glitter.

Add your name and copy rights.

Now click back on paper layer.

Add smoke effect.
This is the setting's I used.

Repeat this for the other 2 paper layers but hit the random seed button on each layer.

Close out the first 2 paper layers, copy merged
paste in animation shop

back to psp
close out that paper layer and open the next
copy merge and paste AFTER CURRENT frame in animation shop.

do the same for the last paper layer.

In animation shop
select all, and change the frame properties to 25.

Save and your done.


for the AV

Open 150 x 150

just repeat the steps. But don't animate and make them a little smaller.
When you get ready to add your image.
Copy the one you added radiance to.
and change the hue and sat to 0.
and that's it.
Save it and your all done.

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