Thursday, March 7, 2013

Angel In The Clouds

Angel In The Clouds

Xenofex 2
Little Fluffy Clouds
Angels By Crystal's Creations
You can get this wonderful kit here.

Open a 600 x 250

Copy and paste paper 6 as a new layer
click on Layer Opaque

Open clouds
re size place on left and duplicate
and mirror.
Merge the 2 clouds together.
duplicate 2 more times.
Total of 3 is what u should have.
Click on original layer
Add these settings

Do the same for the other 2 but
keep settings the same and hit random seed.

Now take your preset shapes
pick a color from your kit.
Draw out a rectangle.
convert to raster.
move down close to the bottom.
I added effect to mine.

Drop shadow it so it stands out

Copy and paste EE2 from the kit.
Re size and place to left.
Duplicate it and mirror

Copy and paste EE5 from the kit.
Re size place in middle.

Add your wording to your rectangle layer.
Add your name in the cloud on the bear.

If you use a PTU image.
Add your copyrights.

Now click back on the paper layer
and crop again, same as before.

then add you a border.
If your unsure how to do that.
Paper layer.
Select all,float, de float,
Modify,Selection borders,my number is on 6
then add a new layer and flood fill color of choice.
select none.
Move to top,
add glitter if you want.

close off the first 2 duplicates of your cloud layer
copy merge
paste in animation shop
back to psp,
close of that layer
open layer above
copy and paste after current frame in animation shop
Repeat for 3rd cloud layer.

In animation change frame properties to 55 or something you like.

Save and your done.

For the avatar
do the same thing as above
just make everything a little smaller
On the rectangle layer
place at bottom and only add one row of your saying.
Look at mine for reference.

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