Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wild Thing

Image and kit of choice.
I've used © Joe Cano
you can purchase image and a license at

Kit is called Diva and you can download it here

Template 28 is by Yvette and you download it here

Font's of choice
for name I used
Copperplate Gothic Bold

For Wild Thing I used
Do I like Stripes

Open Yvette template,
go to windows and duplicate it.
Close the orginal.
Delete the copyright layer.

Click on background layer go to image
and canvas size 600x600 flood will white

One the flower layer
select all,float-defloat
modift and smooth 10 for both boxes and both boxes checked.
select none
open paper of choice from the kit and change your foreground to pattern and
flood fill with paper.
Duplicate layer,on the orginal flower layer
adjust,blur,gaussian 10
add noise 35

On the rectangle layer take your magic wand and click inside the big one
copy and paste image of choice as a new layer,invert and delete make sure its under the frame layer
Do the same for the 3 little one's placing a different part in each one.

Rectangles layer,select all,float-defloat
open paper of choice,copy and paste into selection
select none.

You can change the color on the frames layer or leave it white.

Add your name,word art and copyrights!

Now this is the tricky part,so stay with me.

On the 3 little tube parts(in the rectangles)
Duplicate each one.

On each duplicated layer change them to Luminance Legacy

Im giving these in the order I made my tag.
Close off the headshot luminance layer

on the next layer close off the orginal

On the next close off luminance

So you should have colored-luminance-colored

Go to edit and copy merged

Paste into animation shop as a new layer.

Back to psp.

close off those layers and open the rest
Your just gonna reverse what you did.

Boxes should now be luminance-colored-luminance

Edit and Copy merge.
back to animation shop and paste AFTER current frame.

Click on Edit in animation shop,select all,and crop your tag,
Then go to animation and change frame properties to 45

Save and your done.

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