Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sexy Cowgirl

Sexy Cowgirl

You will need kit of choice or the one I used,its called Cowgirl Up
You can purchase the kit from Debi's blog here
Image of choice.
The one I used is from
©Monte Moore
Mask I used is WSL_Mask94
any mask will do.

Open 600x550 flood fill white.
From Debi's kit open the letterbeads and copy the background paper,
or you can use another paper from the paperpack
apply mask
Now open the frame from the kit,
colorize to match,
open your image,copy and paste as a new layer place to your liking.

Next open a bow from the kit,place to your liking
do the same with one of the flowers,
Next open the buckle place it at the bottom
add your name to the buckle or where it looks best.
Open the cowgirl bead necklace
take your selection tool and draw around the cowgirl part and copy
paste to your image and rotate left 90
take the nail and paste at each of the cowgirl rope,so it looks nailed to the frame,
add copyright's save and your done.
Thanks for trying and would love to see your results.

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