Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh So Sweet

Oh So Sweet
Image of choice I've used © Elias 
I purchased from PTE 
You can now get his work at

Template 166 by Punky 

Kit Sweet Watermelon by the Mz.Tee 

Open template duplicate 
close original
delete the credit layer
open background flood white so you can see your work better. 

On layer left rec click with magic wand and copy and paste paper 2 from kit as a new layer
Invert and delete. 
Delete original left rec layer. 

Repeat for center and right rec. 

Circle right layer select all float de float 
copy and paste paper 4 invert and delete. 
Do the same for circle left. 

Delete the originals

Do the center frame the same but use paper 3.

Glitter circle left select all float de float
add new layer flood fill with light color from paper
add noise 
delete original.

do the same for  glitter circle right and center glitter but use a green for this one. 

for layers circle frame left right and center
select all float de float add new layer flood fill white and add noise.. 
delete originals.

purple circle left click with magic wand,
open paper 15 copy and paste as a new layer
put the green in there and invert and delete. 

Do the same for right circle but put the pink in there (using same paper)

Middle circle do the same but use paper 7. 

back to left circle
select all float de float
copy and paste tube invert. 
select none. 
duplicate it and mirror so it's in the right circle. 
merge JUST these 2. 
Duplicate again 
on the duplicate make blend mode screen 
on the original tube make it soft light. 
add your main tube in the middle.

Add any elements you want from the kit,re size to your liking.Don't forget to sharpen
I used
40(I placed it in the middle of element 4)
Add your name.

Drop shadow layers 
add your copyrights and your name. 
Delete the white background 
merge,crop and save. 

Hope you have enjoyed this tut. If you have any questions my email is on the header of my blog. 


  1. Loved your tut Crystal--Im so glad you saw my post and you were able to direct me here so I could do it!!! (AvasMommee007) :-)