Thursday, May 16, 2013

Orange Medley

Supplies Needed

Scrap Orange Medley
By Mz.Tee
You can get it here. 

Image of choice. 
I've used Elias.
I purchased from PTE but there closed now
You can get his work from  here. 

Open 700 x 700

Copy and paste 30 as a new layer
Take your free hand tool draw around the frame. 

Then copy and paste paper 11
hit delete.

Copy and paste close up. 
Place in center. 

Select none.
move frame above those layers. 

So now you should have frame,close up,paper.
On the image layer 
change blend mode to screen 
and add blind effects.
I used Width 7
Opacity 10
color white
Light from left/top checked.

Now add any elements you wish. 
I used

Copy paste element 22
under the paper layer
move to the left or right then duplicate it and mirror and flip.
Add some glitter. 
Then add your name. 

Drop shadow each layer. 
crop save and your done 

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