Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rock Star

Your gonna need font and image of choice.
I've use ©Marco Guaglione
You can get mask from Chelle's site
Mask 192
Frames by Tamie
Please leave her a comment. It really does go a long way!

Open a 600x600 flood fill white.
new layer flood fill with color from tube.
Apply mask.
Open frame 2 from her frames,
Take your selection tool,rectangle and draw around the inside on the frame
new layer and flood fill with a color of choice. I choose black
Penta, color dot to it.
Move it under the frame

Now take your freehand tool and draw around the left star selections invert
new layer and flood fill with color of choice.
Selections select none,
Draw around it again and selections invert,
copy and paste your tube as a new layer,move it inside the star and hit delete on your keyboard.
Move those 2 layers below the star

Merge the image and the floodfill 2gether and duplicate it and mirror,
Now do the same for the 3rd star
Copy and paste your image again
place to your liking. I just left mine in the middle
and add drop shadow

Add your saying I put Rock Star
Add your name,dropshadow,add copyright's

Now merge ONLY the 3 faces and the flood fill inside the star 2gether.
copy merge

Paste in animation shop
as new animation

back to psp take the merge faces and move opacity down to 80
copy merge and paste in animation shop after current frame

Do this again at 60
and 20

once you have them all in animation shop
go to edit and select all,
change frame properties to 45
Now on the FIRST frame make frame properties be 100

save and your done.
And here is another one I did. I just flipped the frame
and only animated 2 stars

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