Sunday, March 27, 2011


Image of choice
I'm using Elias Chatzoudis
Purchased from My PsP Tubes.

He is now selling at PsP Tubes Emporium

Scrap kit Sweet Spring Fling by Tammy
You can purchase here

Open 700x700
Take your present shapes
foreground any color as your gonna flood fill with paper from the kit
background null
Width 18
Draw out a circle
Place in the center.
Select all float-defloat-

Copy and paste paper 7 as a new layer
Invert and delete.
Select none
You can now delete the circle layer.
Click inside the frame, modify by 4
copy and paste paper 3 as a new layer
invert and delete.
Move below the frame layer.

click back inside the frame again
expand by 4
paste the rainbow as a new layer
Delete on keyboard.
do the same for the cloud layer.

Now time for the elements.
Copy and paste each as a new layer
resize to your liking
and drop shadow of choice.
I used

Copy and paste element 85 as a new layer.
Move it to the bottom
Duplicate flip and mirror.

I also typed out Spring Time and added it over the
love element.
Add your name
copyright's save and your done.

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