Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Me

Love me

YOu will need scrap kit and image of choice.
I used ©Artmam
Scrap kit I used is by Lisa
you can find it here.
font of choice!
First open a 650X650 flood fill white.
We can crop later.
Open a frame in the kit
resize as needed, take your magic wand and click inside the frame,
selections and modify by 4 and invert
Open the image of choice,and paste as a new layer
hit delete on your keyboard,
move it below your frame layer,
You can also add a paper of your choice the same way behind your image.
I didnt need a paper b/c my image filled it up.
take a tag from the kit,resize as needed. place in the left corner
go to image rotate free left 15
add a bow from the kit and rotate it the same way
Now add a saying to the tag and rotate it the same way.
I put LOVE ME on there.
add your name
animation is optional.
if so take your free hand tool and draw around the small gray flower at the bottom left
duplicate it 2 times,
and add your sparkles or constellation
these are the setting's I used.

just hit random seed for the next 2 layers.
close off the first 2 of those layers and copy merged
paste in animation shop
back to psp
close off that layer open the one above it
copy merged
paste after current frame in Animation shop
back to psp close off that layer
and open the next one copy merged
paste after current frame in animation shop
edit select all go to animation and rezise tag
and then crop it
view,save and your done.

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