Friday, January 23, 2009


You will need
Scrap of choice or the one I used.
Almost Neopolitan by Nicole you can grab it here.

A template or the one I used
It's also by Nicole and its listed under New Template dated July 20,2008

Image of choice mine is
©Elias Chatzoudis and you can purchase it and license at
Font My Aunt Celia

Mask of choice. LOL... I can't remember what mask I used!!

Open the template and go to windows and duplicate it.
close the orginal one.

Delete the copy right layer

On the bottom layer flood fill white so we can see what were doing.

Now take your magic wand and click inside the dark gray on raster 3 and copy of raster 3
open paper of choice and paste it as a new layer invert and delete.

Selections,select none.

click on the light gray on raster 3 and copy of raster 3,modify expand by 1
open paper of choice and paste as new layer invert and delete

click back on raster 3 open image of choice paste as a new layer and move it inside the
frame.invert and delete.
Make it be on Luminance

Do the same for copy of raster 3,

On Raster 2,,,click on the dark gray with magic wand,copy and paste paper of choice,invert and delete
select none.
with magic wand click inside the light gray,expand by one.
paste paper and invert,delete.
Open your image,copy and paste it as a new layer in the middle of the big square

Now add a bow to your smaller squares,
Add a new layer above the white layer
Select all,and paste a paper of choice into selections
Apply mask,merge and apply weave effect.
Both colors a color from your tag.
settings 3,9,3

Add your name and copyrights
Delete the white background layer and save as .png

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