Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rock Out Rac

Image of choice.
I've used Isamel Rac
you can purchase from

Mask of choice or the one I've used.
word art made by me.
also included in the supplies

font I used is felix titling

Open a 550x550 flood fill white
Add a new raster layer
flood fill color from your tube
apply mask and merge group.

Now draw out a star from your preset shapes.
Duplicate it 2 times.
Move them to your liking.

Now click inside first star expand.
I expanded by 4.
copy and paste your image
place the part you want in the star.
Invert and delete.
Now move below the star frame layer.

Repeat for the other 2 stars.
Now make the 1st star image purple
and the 3rd one gray

copy and paste the word art.
duplicate it.
Now on each layer colorize to match your tag.
I used black and purple.

Add your name and copyrights

close off one the word art layers.
copy merge and paste into animation shop
back to psp close off that word art layer and open the other one
back to animation shop paste after current frame.

Go to edit and select all
frame properties on 70
Save and your done.

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