Friday, October 4, 2013

A Witches House

EEEK by Bev
Look on the left hand side. As it's a older kit from last year. 

Image of choice. I've used Elias Chatzoudis
You can purchase from here

Animation Shop 

Eye Candy Glow(this is optional for your name)

Open 700 x 700 
flood fill white. 

copy and paste element 32 from kit
re size 
copy and paste element 31 
re size to same size as first frame. 
Then rotate a little. 
Merge down. 

Then click in side frame and expand. I expanded by 10
Copy and paste paper 11 invert and hit delete on your key board. 
Move below frame layer.

Copy and paste element 66 re size and place on right of tag behind the frame layer
copy and paste element 52 re size and place to right of tag above the moon layer. 
Look at mine...
The copy and paste element 46. 
re size and place one to the right of the tree and duplicate and move the other to the left just a little and place behind the tree. 
Copy and paste element 65 and re size and place in front of the graves. 

copy and paste element 26 re size and place to left of tag.
copy and paste element 47 and re size and place to left of tag in front of the house and duplicate and mirror. 
Erase parts that hang out of frame. 

Now add any other elements you wish to add. 
I used

Now click back on your house layer.
Duplicate it 2 times for a total of 3

Take your free hand tool and draw around the windows. 
So only the windows have ants marching around them. 
The go to Effects,Illumination,Lights
And use these settings

Then on the second layer of the house
use same settings but change the 155 to 125
on the third change the 125 to 100

Add your image,name and copyrights
Drop shadow each layer,
Now close off the first 2 layers of the house and copy merge,
paste in animation shop
back to psp close off that layer and open the next one. 
copy merge and paste in animation shop after current frame. 
back to psp and do the same for the last house.

then in animation shop select all and crop and change frame properties to 20 or your liking. 

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