Thursday, May 30, 2013


Supplies Needed

Kit Party Skullz by Mary

Image by the wonderful Popeye Wong 


700 x 700
flood will white 
you can delete later. 

Copy and paste frame 3 from the kit
re size
click in side frame 
expand by 6
copy and paste paper 9 as a new layer
copy and paste your image place to the right 
invert and delete.

Erase the guitar part. 
Do it again for the left side. 

But mirror the image. 

Now merge those 2 together. 

Then duplicate it. 
On the original 
gaussian blur 3
on the duplicated layer change the blend to overlay or hard light. 
Or something you like. 

Then copy and paste the image again 
make sure it's the top layer. 
Place in the middle. 

Add Radiance of your choice. 

Now add elements from the kit
I've used
Emo banner 1
emo bear 1
cupcake 2
lolly 1 and 2
glitter 2
skull 1
sparkle 2

Add your name and copyrights, 
delete the white back ground,
crop and save. 

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