Sunday, January 11, 2009


flood fill white,
choose image of choice
and take 2 colors from your image one for foreground and one for background
preset shape retangle
line width 25 vector
draw out a good size square look at mine for reference.

convert to raster,
and take your image and place over the square
take your seclection or lasso tool and select parts you dont want and hit delete
on your key board.

now back to your square layer ,magic wand
add,rgb value,tolerance 0,feather 0,ant-alias checked and outside.
click in side the square and apply penta , color dot.
with these settings,
select none

now merge the image and the square together.
duplicate 2 times,
on your ORGINAL one go to image rotate free,left 25
one above that.image rotate free right 25

now take a doodle of choice or apply a brush its up to you.
and apply it under your top layer.
drop shawdow
2 -2 50 7
so you should have
your square,image layer
doodle or brush
copy of square,image
another copy of square/image
and white background

Now apply your name and what ever effects you want to.
and your copyright's and your done...

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