Friday, January 23, 2009

Diva With Attitude

Supplies needed.
Image of choice.
I've used ©Kieth Garvey
you will need a license to use his work
you can purchase it at

Word Art by me Crystal S
You can get it here word art.
If your a tut writter please feel free to use it.
credit to my blog

Frame of choice the one I used is by Yvette and you can get it here.

Mask 152 by Chelle and you can get it here.

Font of choice for your name
I used The Buns

Open 650x650 flood fill white.

Open the frame and paste as new layer.
click inside the large square with your magic wand
new layer and flood fill with a color of choice
move it behind the frame,apply weave effect
settings I used
2,9,3 white for both colors fill gaps checked.

Copy and paste image of choice in the large square invert and delete

In the small squares click inside each one,and copy and paste your image again
invert and delete.
Select none.
Click back in the first and 3rd one. New layer and flood fill with color of choice
Select none.
Move colored layer under the frame and image.

Do the same for the 2nd one
Now on the image layer in those squares
change to luminance legacy

Now take a pattern of choice or one from your image.
To do that,take your freehand tool and draw around something on your image. I choose the flower
from her top.
Copy and paste as a new image.
Click back on your working canvas,foreground on pattern and find your pattern you just made.
Click on your air brush tool with these settings.
Shape circle,
size 109,
hardness 10,
Step 27,
Density 100,
thickness 100,
Rotation 0,
Opacity 26,
blend mode normal

Now click back on your frame layer and select all,and float,
Now go around the frame with the air brush tool.
The more you do it the darker it gets.
Add dropshadow to frame. I used

Add the word art I supplied
your name and copyrights

Now take 2 colors from your tag,
one foreground and one background.
click on foreground making it be gradient
fading foreground
angle 50
click on the bottom layer and add a new raster layer
flood fill with your gradient.
Apply mask.
Drop Shadow the mask.
I used

Crop,save and your done!!

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