Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Open 700x700
Flood fill white.
You can crop later.

Open paper 5
paste as a new layer
apply mask 46 by Vix
Merge group

Then open paper 1
paste a new layer
apply mask 1 by Chelle
Merge group.

Copy and paste the CityScape
as a new layer
resize to your liking.

Now copy and paste star
resize by 50
then by 80
click inside star expand by 2
Copy and paste paper 2 again,
hit delete on your keyboard.
Then open close up of your image,
Place the part you want in the star
hit delete on your keyboard
Select none.
Now on your close up you just placed in the star
Apply Xero,
50 128 128 0 0 255
The apply Xero Radiance,
128 50 128 255

Now merge the star,close up and paper together.
Duplicate and mirror.

Add any other elements you want from the kit.
Add your image
Drop shadow each layer.

Add your name,
delete the white background.
Merge visible
Now add your copyrights.
Save and your done.

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