Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'll be your fantasy

Image of choice
I've used © Ismael Rac
you can purchase this image and a license
Template 33 and word art 21 is by Missy
You can get it HERE

And the animation I got in a yahoo group.
You can get those HERE

Open the template go to windows,duplicate it
close the orginal
delete the copyright layer.
Click on the background layer go to image
and click on canvas size. Make it 650x650 we can crop later.

Large circle,selections,select all,float
flood fill with a color from your image.

Repeat this for all the layers,

On the heart layer I left mine black and applied weave effect to it.

Open your image,place to your liking.

Open the word art and place on tag,color it to your liking.
Add your name.

Now open animation shop,and open the animation.
Go to edit and select all,right click on the animation and
click on Export frames to psp

now frames are all in psp
back to animation shop right click again and click on break frames.

Now in psp click on each layer of the animation and colorize to match your tag.

Click back on your working tag.
Find the small circle layer selections,select all,float.
duplicate it 7 times. That will give your 8 layers.
Name them 1-8
1 should be the orginal and 8 should be the last duplicated layer.

close off 2-8
now make sure your on layer 1
back to animation close off 2-8
making sure your on layer 1

back to working image,click on your pattern
and make your pattern your animation
flood fill layer 1.
Now hide layer 1 and unhide layer 2

Do the same for each layer.
Making sure you do it for the animation image 2.
Make sure you hide 1 and unhide 2.
Hide 2 and unhide 3
Just do that on all the layers.

Once your done
Selections-Selece none
Close off layers 2-8

Copy merge
paste in animation shop as a new animation
back to psp close off layer 1 and open layer 2.
paste in animation after current frame.

Do this for all the layers.

Crop,veiw and save .

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