Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Supplies Needed
Image of choice
The one I used is
©Jamie Kidd
Frames by tamie you can get those here.

Vm Extravaganza Transmission
Font of choice I used

Open 600x600 flood fill white. Open frame 6
click inside the middle frame with your magic wand
expand by 3
copy and paste your image as a new layer,invert and delete
Move below frame layer

Now click inside one of the smaller frames
expand by 3,
new layer flood fill with any color of choice
move below frame layer
Resize your orginal image and copy and paste
invert and delete
move it below your frame layer
Now make that layer be luminance

Now click back on your frame layer choose another frame and repeat the steps above
choosing a different color for each one.

do that for all the frames
Once your done with those,close off the white background and merge visible
Duplicate it,
On the orginal
Adjust,blur,gaussian and settings on 20
go to VM Extravaganza,trasmission
Then go to Adjust add/remove noise
Uniform 20 monochrome checked

Add your name,and copyright's
Save and your done!!

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