Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad Ass Rac

Image of choice.
I've used Ismael Rac
I purchased from My Psp Tubes.
But he is now selling his work from here.

Kit of choice
I've used this very pretty and awesome kit
Punk Princess

Open 650x250
select all
and paste paper2 or paper of choice into selection.
select none.

copy and paste as13 as a new layer
move to the left,duplicate and mirror.

copy and paste as14 as a new layer place in the middle.

copy and paste as08 as new layer. Resize and place to the right of tag
now duplicate it till you have 2 or 3
Depending on how much you resized.
Move them across the top from right to left.
Merge ONLY these together.
Move it below elements 13 and 14.

Add close up.
Place to left,duplicate it mirror.
Merge down.
Change blend mode to hard light or something you like.

Take your smaller image and paste as a new layer.
Place it beside the close up on the left.
Duplicate and mirror.Merge down.

Mura's copies wallpaper.
default settings or settings of choice.
Lower opacity to 85 or your liking.
You can also play with the blend mode.

Now add your close up again. Placing in the middle.

Add element as15 resize to your liking and place on left side of
of close up you just added.
Dupliacte it,mirror.
Bring close up layer to the top.

back to paper layer.
Select all
select selection border
width 5

add new layer
flood fill with color of choice.
Add glitter.

Add glow.
Eye Candy 3 or 4
I used width 3 color black.

Select none.
Bring to the top.

Add your saying. I wrote BAD ASS
Then add your name.
Save and your done.

For Avatar.
Crop a bit from your tag you just made.
Crop the main tube face

new 150x150
select all.
paste as a new layer your image you just cropped

Select all
modify,select selction border
repeat for the same as your image.
add new layer flood fill with color
Add your name.
Save and your done.

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