Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink
You will need scrap kit I used
or one of choice.
One I used is by Blue at
Its called Pink Lady
Mask of choice
mask I used is
Font and image of choice.
Xero plugin or you can use Pixelate in effects in psp(its optional) dont have to be done.
Image I used is ©Keith Garvey you must purchase a license to use his work.
Let's get started
Open a 650x650 flood fill white.
Open a paper from the kit copy and paste as new layer.
Apply mask duplicate it,on the bottom layer apply the Xero Fritillary
settings I used
5 30 10 39
on the top duplicated layer resize around 85 or 90%
Open the frame from kit,
click inside BOTH squares go to selections
modify and expand by 3
back to selections and invert.
Open another paper copy and paste as a new layer
hit delet on your key board.
move below your frame layer
or you can flood fill with a color of your choice.

Magic wand again click back inside frame layer,selections modify
expand by 3, and invert
copy and paste your image and hit delete on your key board
move this below your frame layer drop shadow image as well.
Duplicate it and go to image and mirror.
Drop shadow your frame now.
open the ribbon,resize and place it where you like,drop shadow
open butterfly and do the same.
Add your name and Pretty in Pink saying.
copyright's,and watermark.
Crop and save.

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