Saturday, November 13, 2010

VooDoo Dolls

Supplies needed

Scrap Kit Voodoo Dolls

Template 22 by Missy

Image of choice.
Mine is ©Elias Chatzoudis
You can purchase it at

Font-Wolf Bane Bold

Open the template go to windows and duplicate it.
close the orginal one.
Delete the copyright layer
On the bottom layer go to image-canvas size 650x650
and flood fill it white.

On the shape layer duplicate it
rename that layer shape 2
and resize shape 2 layer by 90%

back to shape 1 layer select all-float

open a paper of choice from the kit and paste into selections,
do the same for each layer
frame background
and frame

Now take a bow or button from the kit,
and resize to your liking
I used a button and I resize by 50 then by 65
put it over the little holes from the shapes layer,
add dropshadow
duplicate it and mirror

add your image
your dolls,
bow of choice at the bottom of the frame,
and add a pin take your eraser tool and delete some of it
so i looks like its going through the frame(look at mine)
Now add the same dropshadow to all the layers
except for the button layers(you've already done that)

Add your name and copyrights.
Crop your tag now if you like

Merge the 2 dolls 2gether
copy that layer and paste into animation shop

Go to effects,insert image transition
little dot on Animation Frame

Look under Define Transition
Transition length 4.3 secs
frames per second 4
click on ok
Now back to psp,close off the dolls layer
copy merge
paste into animation shop as a new animation,
duplicate it till u have 18 frames,same as the dolls.

Now back to the dolls,edit and select all,copy
back to image,edit select all,and paste into current frame,
Change frame properties to 15
Now click on the VERY first frame,and change it to 75
save and your done.

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