Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So Blue

Supplies needed.

Aqua by Mz.Tee
You can get that here.

Image of choice or the one I used.
by Keith Garvey
you can get that here.

Open 700 x 700
flood fill white
copy and paste element 37 as a new layer
re size

click on side with wand
expand by 5 invert

copy and paste paper 15
and your image.
Hit delete on your keyboard for both layers.

Select none.

Bring the frame to the top.

now add your elements.
I used elements
52 on this element.. re size. then duplicate it. re size the same size again. then duplicate it again.
rotate one the the left 17 degrees.. and the other to the right at 17.
53 add under the paper layer. duplicate,mirror,merge down.. duplicate and flip.

add drop shadow to each layer.

I used a paper for the name and add a glow
add your copyrights.

Delete the white back,merge visible and save.

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