Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lil Purple Fairy

Lil Purple Fairy

First you will need
Clarey's Scrap Kit
It's called Fresh and you can get that here.
Please give a big thanks. It really does go a long ways Smile

Alein Skin Xenofex 2 Little Fluffy Clouds
Mask,font and tube of choice.
Image I used in ©Joel Adams you will need to
purchase a license to use this image
Let's begin.

Open and new 650x650 flood fill white
we can crop later

Open a paper from the kit,paste as a new layer
apply mask,if you want it darker,duplicate it and merge them 2gether.

Open the negative frame 2 from the kit copy and paste as a new layer.
colorize to match your tube,
click inside each sqaure with magic wand
selections modify expand by 2 and invert,
open another paper from the kit copy and paste as a new layer.
hit delete on your keyboard.
move it below your frame.
select none
click inside the left side frame selections modify
expand by 2 invert
open and copy tube,paste as a new layer move it inside the marching ants,
and hit delete on your key board.
Do the same for another frame,placing another part of your tube in there.
select none move below your frame.
Give your frame a drop shadow.

Now paste your tube again and put it where you think it looks best.
Drop shadow
add your name and drop shadow.
add your copy right,and made by.

Now take your mask layer and duplicate it 1 time. You should have 2 mask layers now.
On the first one apply the Fluffy Clouds with these settings.
Camera and Sky
Seamless Tile UNCHECKED
Perspective CHECKED
Draw Sky Background UNCHECKED
Click on Basic Tab
Base Color white
Edge color a color from the mask. Mine was purple.
Cloud Mode Wispy
On the other mask layer,leave settings alone just hit random seed once

Now close the top mask layer and copy merge
paste in animation shop as a new animation

back to psp close the layer and open the other mask layer.
copy merge,paste in animation shop after current frame.
go to edit and select all,click on animation and go to frame properties
and place them on 35

crop and resize it needed,save and your done.

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