Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Image of choice 
I've used Keith Garvey purchased form MPT
You can purchase image from 

Alein Skin Xenofex-Electrify and little fluffy clouds

600 x 250

Flood fill black
apply fluffy clouds with these settings.
Click on the Camera and Sky tab
change Zenith Color to 404040
Horizon Color to 808080
Leave all other settings to the same. 

Copy and paste image place to the left or right of tag
Duplicate and mirror.
click back on your background and crop.

Back to your image,
Apply radiance default to both images.

Now click back on your background layer.
Duplicate it 2 times. 
So you have 3 now.
Maybe I can explain so it's not so confusing.
Take your selection tool and draw out a square behind your image on both sides,
You only want the middle of the 2 NOT selected.
Make sure your one the TOP duplicated layer
Now while still selected go to Electrify

Apply with THESE settings or settings of your choice. 
Arc Spacing 23.46
Arc Length 164.37
Arc Thickness 17
Jaggedness 71
Branching 22
Branch Spread 86
Radiate from Center NOT CHECKED

Glow tab change the outer color to a gray color I used 404040
Apply to your tag.

Now close the layer off and move down one layer to duplicate 2
Repeat the above but hit the random seed button one time. 

Do the same for the last layer. 

Now select none.

Add a new layer flood fill black
bring to top
and select all,float, de float and contrast by 6.
hit delete on your key board. 

add another layer white and contrast by 3. 
duplicate the white border 2 times. 
so u have 3 now. 
add noise to each layer. 
I used 100 90 and 80 uniform mono checked.

Add your name and copy rights. 

close off first 2 white frame layers and first 2 background layers. 
Copy merge and paste in Animation shop
back to psp close off that layer and open the one below them
copy merge and paste in animation shop after current frame. 
Do the same for the last one. 

For the AV
New image 150 x 150
Repeat all the steps above. 
Just make smaller border.

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