Friday, December 4, 2009

Engraved Snow Globe

Snow Princess is by Alane
you can purchase kit from

Open a 600x550 flood fill white.

Open one of the snowglobes from the kit
Add a new layer
Take your selection tool and draw a circle the same size as the globe
Copy and paste paper 31 from the kit,as a new layer invert and delete.

Select none.
You can now delete the blank layer.
You should only have 3 layers now.
background,globe and paper layer

Move the paper layer below the globe.
Now add any elements you like from the kit.
I've used,snowman,tree and 2 presents.

Now for your name.
Font I used is Ancestory font size 48
color I used is a color from the base of the globe #867873.

Now take your deform tool and pull your name down flat
and add cut out effect with these settings.

V and H set on 0
Opacity 100
Blur 4.00
shadow black
Make sure fill color is checked and color is white
NOw add dropshadow
0 0 50 6
then change the layer to burn.

Now your name looks engraved.Just like if you had it done at a store LOL....

NOw on the paper layer,,float and defloat,
Add 3 new layers
On the third new layer
Add snow animation with VanderLee snowflakes
Only change the top settings to 30 and random seed to 15
On the 2nd new layer change the random seed to 10
and on the 1st new layer change random seed to 5
Now on those 3 layers change the opacity to 52

Select none.
Add your copyright!!!
If your using just the kit like I did
you need to add Alane's copyright.

Now close off the top 2 snow layers
Copy merged and paste into animation shop

Back to psp close off that layer and open the 2nd snow layer
copy merged and paste in animation shop after current frame

back to psp close off that layer and open the 3rd snow layer
copy merged and paste into animation shop after the 2nd frame.

Select all,crop,then change frame properties to 30

Save and your done.

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