Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Elias Christmas

Image of choice
I've used Elias Chatzoudis
you can purchase from

Mask of choice.
The mask I used was a exclusive. So I can NOT offer it.
And the forum I got it from is longer up.
Sorry yall.

Kit of choice or the one I've used.
Romantic Christmas
You can get it here

Open 600x600
Flood fill white
Add new layer
select all
Copy and paste paper of choice from the kit
and paste into selection
Apply the mask
Merge group
Select none

Copy and paste frame 3 from the kit
Resize if needed.
Click inside frame expand be 4
copy and paste paper of choice
invert and delete.
Move below frame

Click frame again. expand by 4
copy and paste close of choice
invert delete.
Change blend mode to Hard Light or what ever you like best.

Now add any other elements you like to your tag.
Drop shadow each one.

Now add your saying
I put Merry Christmas
font Impact

Then add weave
Gap 1
Width 10
Opacity 1
Weave and Gap color white or your choice
Then add bevel
Effects,3d,Inner Bevel
Bevel 6
Width 9
Smoothness 76
Depth 22
Ambience 56
Shininess 0
Angle 346
Intensity 26
Elevation 43
Color same as you saying.

Add your name
(optional) add a glow your name and saying.
copyrights and your done.

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