Saturday, November 13, 2010

Violiet Sprinkles

First you will need tube of choice.
Mine is © Joel Adams and you need to purchase it
Please do not use the same image unless you have proper license to do so.
Doodles are by Lori M.
They were shared with me. So I'm sharing with you.
Font of choice..
I used Kisstelle
OK Open a 600x600
flood fill white.
srtoke color from your tube and fill null
preset shapes circle line width 10
holding down the shift key draw out your shape.
objects,align center of canvas.
Convert to raster.
click inside shape with magic wand.
selections,modify expand by 4
new layer move it below your circle layer
and flood fill with another color from your tube.
select none
Now on the layer you just filled
go to effects,texture effects and weave,
with these settings
gap 1
width 5
Opacity 7
Weave color white
Gap color white
Fill Gaps checked.
Repeat if needed.
Copy and paste your image as a new layer
Drop shadow 1 1 50 11
go back to preset shapes and choose retangle.
Stroke should be same color as your circle and fill should be same as your flood fill layer.
Line width 5
draw out a rectangle. Look at mine
Convert to raster.
Duplicate it and resize around 85%
On the duplicated layer add same drop shadow but only once
On the big retangle layer add the blind effect with these settings.
color white.
left from left/top checked.
add doodle
colorize to match your tube
move to left side,
duplicate it
and flip and mirror
Add your name,copyrights
Copy merge and open it in Animation shop
Open a bling of your choice and duplicate the tag for as many frames as your bling has.
copy bling and paste into your tag,
save and your done.
Hope you enjoyed this tut.

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