Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be Different

Be different

Image of choice.
I've used

MuRa's Copies(wallpaper)
Filters Unlimited 2.0
AAA Frames Foto Frame

Open 650x250
Flood with color of choice.
Copy and paste your image.
Duplicate it 2 times.
One on each side and one in the middle.
close off background layer

and merge visible the 3 tube layers.
Apply wallpaper from mura's. Default or to your liking

then go to adjust blur gaussian with 10 as blur.
Then apply Filters Unlimited
H N V both on 10

Now with your rectangle draw a thin rec from each side.
lower the opacity to your liking.
Convert to raster,add your saying.

Then take your pen tool
color white
draw lines polylines
line width on 2 or 3 and hold down the shift key
and draw a line. I used one with arrows on it.
Convert to raster.
Duplicate it.
Mirror and flip.
Place to your liking.

Add your main tube.
Place in the middle.
Add your name.
Merge all layer visible.
Now apply
Foto Frame
Width 10

Add the word DIFFERENT
I used Impact for font.
Convert to raster.
Add weave.
Now select all float defloat.
Add a new layer
expand by one.
flood fill white.
Deselect-move below the word different
merge down.

Erase parts so it looks like it's behind your image.

Add copyrights.Save and your all done.

For Avatar
Repeat the above steps. Just make it 150x150
But only add your image one time. No need to duplicate it 2 times.

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