Friday, January 23, 2009

Stand Tall

I've supplied the stars,and mask
Supplies  here

You will need image of choice. I've used © Popeye Wong.
his images are already tubed just save to your pc.

mask is by Chelle

And the stars I made
If you want to use these in another tag I dont mind,just don't claim as your own.

Open a 600x550
flood fill white,
new layer flood fill blue
apply mask. To make it darker,duplicate it and merge down,

Preset shapes and rectangle,
color red
draw out a retangle about the length of your image
convert to raster,

Add your image,Place to your liking.

Open and add the stars,I've already given them a drop shadow
Duplicate it and image and mirror,

Duplicate it again and resize 85%,
move to bottom left
duplicate it again and mirror,

Add your saying . I chose,Stand Tall,Stand Proud,

Add your name,and copyright's

Save and your done..

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