Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halloween Plate

Tube I used is © Elias Chatzoudis
you can purchase his work at

You can really do so much with this tut.
You can add scrap elements,bows,animations.
Its endless the things you can do.

Open 700x550

flood fill white
choose a color from your tube for your foreground
background white or color,paper or pattern of choice.
preset shapes cirlce,line width 7 line style solid,vector
draw out a good size circle for your plate(about the same as mine or to your liking)
objects align center
convert to raster
add inner bevel
I used
bevel 2
width 14
smoothness 15
depth 7
ambience -67
shininess 0
angle 295
intensity 75
elevation 90

now go to selections and select all and float
selections,modify,contract any where from 15 to 25 depending on your plate size
selections and invert
add drop shawdow of choice.
I used 0 0 50 5

add new layer
grab your selection tool
selection type circle,add,feather 15
draw out a circle in the middle. It dont have to be exact you can move it once the image in in place
now copy your tube
and paste into selection and deselect
now you can add your text,copyright's and watermark.

Have fun and enjoy!!!

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