Saturday, November 13, 2010

Summer Fun

You will need
Image of choice or you can get some
Cal Slayton tubes from

Scrap kit is by Sharon Becker
Its called Summer Colours
Mask and font of choice

I made this tag for Sharon b/c I used her kit.
But please abide terms of use and don't distort the kit,
Open a 600x600 flood fill white.
Open paper from kit apply mask

Open the circle from kit copy and paste as a new layer
Open tube copy and paste place to your liking
The next 2 steps is only if you used the same tube.. or if you have a sun and umbrella of choice
Copy the sun,paste a new layer place where ever you like.
and do the same for the umbrella

Copy and paste the bow down size to fit over the bottom part of your circle frame
take your eraser or freehand tool and get rid of the parts hanging off the frame.
Add your saying around the frame. I put Summer Fun

add your name and copyrights.
Duplicate the Sun layer 2 time,apply noise to each layer
close off the first 2 sun layers and copy merge
paste in Animation shop as new animation
back to psp close that one off and open the one above it.
copy merge and paste after current frame in aniamtion shop.
Do the same for the last sun layer

Crop if needed,view,save and your done.

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