Saturday, November 13, 2010

Red White N Blue

Supplies include
stars chain,mask and screw

Im not sure who made the star chain, or the screw
if there your's please let me know.
I will credit or remove from supplies

Image of choice mine is ©Keith
Mask is by Vix

And frame is by Yvette
you can download from her blog here,please leave a thank you. It really does go a long ways

Open a 600x600 flood fill white

flood fill with a color of choice I choose blue
apply mask,merge group

Open the frame,copy and paste as a new layer
colorize to match,I choose a red color,

Take your magic wand and click inside each star,selections
modify,expand by one
new layer and flood fill with a color of choice,I choose white,
drop shadow the frame

Open image copy and paste as a new layer
place to your liking

open the screw place it on one of the stars
open the star chain
and place it under the screw,
click inside the top star with magic wand flood fill red
do the other 2 stars the same way,with white and blue,

duplicate it 2 times,
take one and rotate left 15
and the other rotate right 15 postion so they match up

Add your name and copyright's
close off the 2 rotated layers and copy mergered
paste in animation shop
back to psp,close off that layer
and open the next one
copy merge and paste in animation shop after current frame
do the same for the last one

in animation shop go to edit and select all and change frame properties to 30
save and your done

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