Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dark Nights

Dark Night

Supplies Needed
Kit Dark Night 
You can get it here.

Image of choice. 
I've used Pin Up's
You can purchase here

Xero Radiance(optional)

Mask of choice. 

Resize and drop shadow to your liking

700 x 700

Copy and paste frame 3 from the kit
Resize it by 90%
click in side with wand
and expand by 5
copy and paste paper 6 from kit. 
Delete on your key board. 
Copy and paste close up from your image
place to liking
delete and select none. 
On the close up
In LP(layer pallete) make it Luminance Legacy
apply Xero Radiance of your choice.
Place paper and image below the frame layer. 

Now or the fun part.. Add elements from kit
re size to your liking. 
then add your main image
delete white background
save and your done

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