Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Holidays

Image of choice.
Mine came from MPT Christmas Gift
©Keith Garvey

Template 42 by Sara
She's given me permission to offer in supplies.

Scrap kit of choice or the one I've used
It's by Monti Red Gold Green Modern Christmas

Mask 84 by chelle

Open template
duplicate and close the orginal

Repeat this step for all layers
Select,float,defloat invert
paste paper of choice from the kit as a new layer
the select none,and delete the orginal layers.

Back to layer 6 select all,float,defloat
paste your image and delete.
Select none,
Duplicate your image
on the duplicated layer blur by 3
and change to soft light
merge down.

Add lights from kit,
Add your name and move it over the strings on the lights,
duplicate your name,
and move only ONE name layer under the lights,
Now back to your name that is on TOP of lights,
Take your eraser tool and erase some of it,
so it look like the string in going through it,

Add any other elements from the kit
add your copyrights,

I also added Happy Holidays to my tags
with a glow,white 3

Drop shadow all layers EXCEPT for the name your erased.

Add a new layer above background
flood fill with color or paper
appy mask,merge group.

Copy merge and paste into animation shop
back to psp,
take your freehand tool and draw around each light,
then go to adjust,and brightness/Contrast

Brightness 0
Contrast 27
or settings of your choice.

Select none
copy merge and paste in animation shop
after current frame
Change frame properties to 45
Save and your done,

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