Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All bout me

Image of choice or the one I used.

I do not know who the copyright belongs to.

I go this image from
Sara's Sinful Pleasures

Mask is by Vix
Mask 101 you can download it from her site

Font I used is Urkelian Television

Open 600x600 flood fill white.
Copy and paste your image as new layer.

New layer flood fill black
apply mask,
merge group,
New layer flood fill red apply mask,
merge group,
image flip,mirror
Move these below your image

Preset shape I think mine is from some 60's shapes.

but any will do.

use the same colors as you did for your mask.

Line width 5 or what looks best for your shape.

Convert to raster.
Type out your saying in black I typed (Its all about me) or color of choice,in a small font.
Place it in the middle of your shape.

Click inside your shape with your magic wand
Mura's Copies
Tiling Angle

Play with the settings till you happy.

Apply and select none.

Add your name,and if you used a different image than I did please add your copyrights

Delete the white background and merge visible.
Save as a png.

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