Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cutest Autumn

Cutest Autumn

All you need is the kit. 
Autumn Sunset 
You can get it here. 

Font American Captain 

New image.
Big enough to work with. 
I used 800 x 800.
The cropped when I was done. 

Write your name
I used font size 120. 
Color does not matter. 

Convert to raster. 
Click inside each letter and invert. 
Copy and paste paper 9 from the kit. 
I moved it down some so the darker color was in my letters. 
Hit delete. 

Select none. 
Select all again,modify and expand by 3. 
New layer, flood fill with color of choice 
I used dark color from the paper.
Add noise of choice.

select none,and move below the paper layer.
Delete the original name,you started with. 

Now time to add elements, be creative and have fun..
Remember if you re size to sharpen. 
Drop shadow each element. 
I used: 3,3,50,5,black

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