Friday, January 23, 2009

Sex Kitten

Tube of choice
Mine is © Elias Chatzoudis
To purchase this image please go to

Fonts of choice
I've use Lady ice for my name and
Lamebrain brk for Sex Kitten

Mask of choice or the one I used
EBDMask36 Mask set 4

650x650 flood fill white.

new layer and flood fil with color from your tube.
Apply mask. I used a light pink so I duplicated my mask and mereged down.
Apply weave effect,
1,11,3 white

Now take your preset shapes Ellipse
line width 3
line style dotted
foreground color white
background color same as mask

while holding the shift key(it makes it perfect) draw out a good size circle
go to objects and align and center of canvas
Convert to raster.
click in side the circle go to selections,modify and contract
i did 3,but it may depend on how you did your circle
apply weave effect
2,11,3 white

shapes again,and draw out a small circle
convert to raster.
drop shadow it.
Duplicate it as many time as you like
I have 6 on mine
and place to your liking
Merge just the small 2gether.
and apply noise uniform and 20

Now take your shapes tool retangle
switch your colors and make your line style be solid
draw out a long rectangle
convert to raster
Place it in the middle of your circle

Open your image and place to your liking.

Add your name
Then add your saying around the circle
To do that draw out another circle about the size of the one you done before,
click on your text tool and then move the cursor over the circle
and type your saying.
Click on the + sign beside the vector layer in your layer palette
hide the circle layer and convert to raster
and copyrights
crop your tag.

Delete the white background and save as .png

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