Monday, February 14, 2011

Janesko Eyes

I've used Jennifer Janesko
purchased at Cilm
This site is no longer available and I'm not sure where she is selling her art now.

Diamonds and animation of choice.

Janesko Eyes

Open 600x600
We can resize later.
Flood fill white.
Forground color of choice.
back null
Draw out a small square
add some glitter to the frame.
Look at mine for reference.
Fill the inside with color of choice.
Add your image play with blend till you get something you like
or leave it on normal.
Add you some diamonds or other accents of choice.
close off white background
Merge visible.

Duplicate it
move one to the left and other to the right.

Color of choice. I used black
Now draw out a bigger and longer rectangle and move below the 2 squares.
add glitter to frame also.
Add your image.

Now close off white back ground and merge all these visible.
Duplicate and on the bottom layer blur of choice.
the add a little glitter to it.
Add your name

Now crop it down.

Open animation shop and add your animation.
Save and your done.

For the avatar just repeat the steps you did for the small square. But place the diamonds on
the inside..And add your copyright and name.
Add amimation of choice.
Short and sweet.
Hope you have enjoyed my tut!!

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