Thursday, March 31, 2011


Image of choice.
I've used Sava

Template 43 by Missy

Open template
duplicate it
close the orginal
Canvas size 700x600
flood fill white.

Delete copyright,corner lines and squares layers.

Merge circle 1 and 2 together.
Select all float-defloat
Open paper 14 paste as a new layer
Invert and delete.
Then go to modify
selection-border 3
add new layer flood fill with gray
then add noise 100%
Select none.
Back to paper layer
select all-float defloat
Open Skull2 paste as a new layer
in the top left circle.
Invert and delete.

do the same for the other circle.
Now on the skulls layer make both be hard light.

On the large rectangle layer
select all float defloat
Paste paper 7 as a new layer
invert and delete.

Small rec
copy and paste paper 11
invert and delete.
While still selected
Copy and paste glitter splat2 and hit delete.
select none.

Open barbed wire
resize and rotate 90. Direction don't matter.
Place on left side of large rec.
Duplicate and mirror place to right of rec.
Open bow from kit,resize
place in the middle of barb wire on left. Duplicate mirror
place on right side.

open bottle cap.
resize place on left bow in the middle.
Duplicate and mirror place on right bow.

Open splatter paste as a new layer
above the circle layer.
I added a glow to mine.

Open skull divider
resize,place at bottom of tag.
I also added a glow.
Open tube of choice
I placed mine like she's sitting on the skulls.

Add Martini,and bottle.
Resize place to your liking.

Add another paper from the kit
apply mask of choice.

Add your name,copyrights,
delete background layer
crop save and your done.

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