Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Easter

Kit of choice
Or the one I've used

Easter Serbet
By the fabulous Debi L.
You can purchase this kit at

Open a 600x400
flood will white
Take any color you want from something in the kit
I chose a pink from the butterfly.
Draw a rectangle. Look at mine for size.
Go to adjust and add noise.
50% uniform

Click inside frame expand by 3
open grass resize by 50% and duplicate it
now move them side by side.
Merge those 2gether.
invert and delete.
Add dropshadow 0 0 50 5 black

Now click back on frame layer expand by 3 again
and add a new layer
flood fill with a pale blue.
select none.

Copy and paste the flowers.
erase all the stem
resize to your liking.
dropshadow 0 0 50 5 black
add it behind the grass.
duplicate it and resize just a little smaller.

move it over and ABOVE THE GRASS
duplicate it and move it over to the far right.

Now duplicate the first flower and move it over between the
2 smaller ones. Making sure it's behind the grass.

Now add the bee and the butterfly
resizing both to your liking
add the same dropshadow.

Add the bunny,resize,dropshadow.

Add the carrot
rotate left 35
then duplicate,mirror and move into place.

Open the sparkley
resize place at bottom,duplicate and mirror

Add your Happy Easter and your name.

If you used a tube don't forget the copyright.

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