Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Marble Madness

You will need 

Image of choice. 
I've used Amy Matthews.
You can purchase from 

These filters.

Xero-Bad Dream


AAA-Foto Frame

Tramages- Marble Madness 1

And a couple filters already installed in psp.

Although there is a lot of filters.
It's a simple and fun tag to make. 
Hope you enjoy it. 

Open 600 x 250

Copy and paste your image. 
Aply Mura's Copies
Wallpaper rotate

Then go to Adjust- Gaussian Blur -3
go to edit and repeat blur. 

Then go to edit -Reflections-Kaleidoscope
Number of petals 10
All the other settings 0
Tick Reflect

Go to crop
and crop layer Opaque

Grab your selection tool
make a current selection
Top 0
Left 0
Bottom 25
Right 25

In your layer palette
you should have 
Raster 1 
Raster 2
Right click on Raster 2 and 
promote selection to layer. 

Now you should have promoted selection

Select none.

Mura's Copies
Settings in order from Top to bottom

Duplicate and mirror
Merge down.

Now click back on Raster 2
Apply AAA Foto Frame
with these settings

then apply Xero-Bad Dream

Select all,contract 3,invert
Add new layer,flood fill with color from your image.
Select none. 
Bring to top

Apply noise of choice 

So now you should have 
Raster 3
Raster 2
Raster 1

Copy and paste your image again in the center of the promoted layer. 
And move it below your glitter frame (raster 3)

Apply Bad Dream again. With same settings. 

Now go back to your promoted layer
Duplicate it 2 times. 
So you have 3 promoted layers all together. 
On the first one
Apply Tramages-marble madness 
First line set on 15. the rest on 0
One the second layer marble madness again 
move the top bar to 20
on the third layer move it to 25

Apply inner bevel with these settings. 
To each of those 3 layers.

Then go back to Raster 3(glitter frame)
and apply marble madness with the last settings used. 
Bar on 25. 

Add your name and copyrights. 

Then close off the top 2 promoted layers
Copy merge and paste in animation shop

Back to psp close that layer and open the 2nd promoted layer.
Back to animation shop and paste after current frame. 

do the same for the 3rd layer
paste again in animation shop after the current image. 

Go to edit and select all,
animation,frame properties 
and change to 50

Save and your done. 

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  1. LOVE this tutorial Crystal, ty. It's almost old school, but very trendy still. :)