Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Time 3

You will need

Image of choice.
I've used 
Elias Chatzoudis

This awesome FTU kit from BiBi Magic Sea
You will need to go like her face book page to get these kits. 
She has 30 awesome kits that were PTU now there FTU
you can like her page here. 

Mask 30 by Chelle

700 x 700

Copy and paste 
sand element 1 from the kit
re size if needed. 

Copy and paste palm tree of choice I used 
the 3rd one.  re size. 
Move to  left of the sand. 

Element 64
re size and place behind the palm tree.

Element 75 re size place behind the palm tree but in front of element 64. 
duplicate it and mirror. 
and place. 

element 84
re size place in front of tree to the left a little. 

elements 41 and 42.
re size and place
in front of element 84. 

Open your image and place on the sand or to your liking. 

Element 32 
re size place behind image and rotate right 18 degrees. 

Element 103 
re size and place in front of element 32

element 35 re size 
and place in front of element 103.

element 71 re size and place in front of 
element 35. 

Now take element 4. 
Re size if needed. 
Place behind the palm tree. 

duplicate it and move to the right. 

Duplicate it again and re size a little smaller. 
Move down a bit and in the middle.
duplicate it again and move over some 

Look at my tag for placement. 

Now copy and paste paper 9 
as a new layer 
Apply mask. 
Merge group. 

Then go to Adjust hue and sat and colorize
change Hue 35 and Sat 255

Move the the bottom and place in the middle. 
so it looks like a sun. 

Add your name and copyrights. 
Merge layers and your all done.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. 

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